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The Straight Chapter is collected and designed by one in Industrial Co., Ltd, production metal gift manufacturer, selling, develop it in the integrative five metals, plastic comprehensive gift enterprises. Modern techniques are best in quality , of the latest style, have won the domestic and international customer's support and trust. Our company sets up the factory and introduces advanced Taiwan equipment and technology by oneself, has already had design , drawing, made the mould , presses , die casting, such production procedure as printing , polishing , electroplating , packing ,etc. and modernized scientific office procedure. Produce various kinds of copper irons , stainless steel , aluminium , zinc alloy , plumbous tin alloy , pvc, press one gram of strength , there is no badge which is spun such materials as cloth ,etc., medal , trophy , medal , badge , medal , alert emblem , national emblem , party's emblem , school badge , group's emblem , souvenir coin , coin , cuff link , tie clip, bookmark, craft sign, such tourist souvenirs as number plate , job number card , cigarette cast , name card box , lighter , key-ring , buckling , chain , five metals fittings , cutlery , bottle-opener ,etc. and craft gift. I department can turn on mould's production according to customer's model also , guarantee the best quality, paying issue quickly most, best service, if your department is it please contact me to interested in to I department products! We will design and construct the most ideal advertising gift for you , promote gifts , commercial gift, products 1 of order quantity get up!
Main Export Products: Medal, Medallion, Lapel pin, metal bookmark, medal, sign, exquisite frame , new style vanity mirror , PVC key buckling, metal key chain, metal ring , black pottery craft , leather key buckling ,tie clip, metal cuff link , candlestick , job number card , souvenir coin.

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Telephone: 86-757-26618699

Fax: 86-757-26116633

Contact Person: Iris Au

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23rd Of Dazhang Industrial Zone, Ronggui Town, Shunde District, Foshan,, 528303, Canton Province,

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