Marketing How-To: Direct Mail Marketing

The most common form of direct marketing is direct mail, used by advertisers who send paper mail to all postal customers in an area or to all customers on a list. Any low-budget medium that can be used to deliver a communication to a customer can be employed in direct marketing. Probably the most commonly used medium for direct marketing is mail, in which marketing communications are sent to customers using the postal service.

Direct mail has a personal feel attached to it, one of the reasons why people prefer mail greetings over an electronic greeting. It takes time to personalize a direct mail where as an e-mail is instant and the fate of e-mail is also instant i.e. immediate deletion. Researchers are constantly puzzled by the mystery surrounding why people are so enthusiastic about direct mail. But no worries this only good news for the marketers that they have something in their tool kit that works. So marketers have the mailing list of potential customers handy and send some nicely composed letters to them about your company and its products.

Advertisers often refine direct mail practices into targeted mailing, in which mail is sent out following database analysis to select recipients considered most likely to respond positively. For example a person who has demonstrated an interest in golf may receive direct mail for golf related products or perhaps for goods and services that are appropriate for golfers. The direct mail is more effective as it provides sensory perception of people. Direct mail uses three of the four senses of a person i.e. visual, verbal, listening and touching.

Statistics show that direct mail has not died and in fact the volume has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few decades. A typical example is the fact that we receive more magazines, journals, mails from universities, DVDs etc. than we used to receive few years ago. This leaves the marketers with a dilemma about which method to use. The answer is simple, use email to contact only those people who you know and use direct mail for the people who don't know you.

Apart from promotion E-marketing strategy, we also wish to highlight and encourage Direct Mail Marketing. It has been a common practice for decades and it shown to be an acceptable one. shall allow our visitor/partner to start or continue using Direct Mail Marketing as one of their marketing strategy.

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