Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ Sections, if you can't find your answer, please do contact us at

1) What is is a new and innovative concept of doing business and making all company online. It helps people who are in need for an easy location of their requirements, supplier, business oppotunity and trade and providing a platform for them to initiate the business relationship. AllCompanyOnline is trying to get all companies information around the world to be searchable online so that it can facilitate the business searching process. This is our ultimate goal and our promise to provide the service totally free of charge.

Unlike other website, AllCompanyOnline has included 50 most developed countries in its listing. Its visitors are coming from around the world. It is now indexed heavily by Google. Using its own crawling and data processing method, AllCompanyOnline has now listed almost 900,000 over company information around the world and it is growing by days. It does invite corporate user to visit and submit their company information for free.

To serve our purpose, we even perform the Search-Engine-Optimization(SEO) for all of the company listed with us with Major search engine to make it searchable online. This is our ultimate goal to make sure visitor can easily obtain the company contact information for communication or business purpose.

2) What is the benefit if I am using can be used to

  1. Get more exposure for your company as the company information has been posted online and crawled by major search engine. We have perform Search-Engine-Optimization(SEO) for Google, Yahoo, MSN and etc. It is so convenient if your customer want to find your contact information online.
  2. Moreover, all the enquiry email from our member will be sent directly to your company email address and you can reply directly without using We do not charge any commission or credit from the company as well as our member.
  3. Market & Promote your product using "Add Trade". This is a new way to promote your product for free and push it for International Market.
  4. As our member, you can generate your desired marketing list for Tele Marketing, Fax Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing.
  5. As our member, you can send your enquiry directly to our supplier or manufacturer.
  6. If you are a webmaster or web programmer, you can even use our API ( to integrate our company information seamlessly with you Web Application. With you looking for "Plug-and-Play" method, you can use our FREE WIDGET to show the latest company information.

3) I have not registered with before, why my company information is listed on is using a Robot/Crawler (concept is almost the same as Google). It is crawling webpages to extract company information and get included to It will not have any negative effect to your company as it will provide an easier access of information for the public to make business with you and generates more revenue for your company. We have been using almost 2 years to process all the listed information. If you think we are listing your company by mistake, please do contact us for removal.

4) I found my company information in listing but the information is outdated, how can I update to the latest information?

Currently to prevent any misleading information in, we do not allow our member or visitor to update the outdated information. Alternatively, you can send an email to with your company link at (e.g. ) and the update information. We will normally get it updated within a day and it is complete FREE OF CHARGE.

If you wish to have a greater control on your company information and product information, you could join our PREMIUM LISTING which will be launched in First Quarter of 2010 with a small subsription fee.

5) I do like Business Idea and wish to join to promote my Company and Product. How can I do about it?

You are always welcome to join our big family and start promoting your company and product FREE OF CHARGE. Please go to "Add Company" or "Add Trade" at the top of our webpage. All the new added company will need to go through an approval process before it will be listed. The approval process is normally within a day or two.

Upon submiting your company information and you wish to update in the future, you can always request for update and it will be normally updated within a working day.

6) Since is providing a total FREE OF CHARGE Service, how does it make money to maintain its operation cost and making profit?

As we are operating in a smaller scale and promoting Online/Web concept, we manage to get a minimum people to involve. We only depends on the Online Advertising program e.g Google Adsense and Abrite for our main source of income. We do welcome if there is any sponsor who are willing to make any donation or putting some product advertisement on our website to support our operational cost and continously providing the best support to all vistior.

Beside the current advertising scheme, we also provide professional advise and consultation to help company to improve their online business and marketing strategy. We have more than 5 years experience in helping company and organization in marketing their product online as well as improving their business process using IT. If you wish to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us at shall be going for Full Swing in First Quarter of 2010. We welcome anyone who have the same interest to join us to make this a successful one.

7) From where originated?

We are proud to announce is initiated by a Malaysian. A Malaysian who has been involving very actively in PHP Web Development and Linux Server Administration. He spends most of his spare time to design, develop, coding, support for the We would like to extend the idea of 1Malaysia to 1BusinesWorld. It is totally FREE to make your company / product online for International Exposure.

We do welcome if any International / Local company that wishes to join us and discuss for partnership. We are planning to have a marketing company set up soon to make us as one-stop marketing center. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion as well as mutual benefits.

8) What is future plan?

We are always thinking to expand into a proper business entity in order to provide more and value added service to our members and visitors. Due to the lack of funding, we are operating in a slower pace. Any business organization, government funding is mostly welcome to materialize our dream in pushing our innovative idea.

Besides providing only the company information to our member and visitor, we are committed to do more. Please refer to our Press Release for more our Future Plan.


9) I received any Enquiry From Email from a member of Is it a valid enquiry? How shall I attend to this potential customer?

It is a valid one. Just click reply and it will be sending back to your potential supplier. AllCompanyOnline just playing a role as introducer and will not interfere with any future communication between both parties. It is completely FREE OF CHARGE and we do not take any commission from both parties.

Our enquiry email are as the following format:

On behalf of, we wish to congratulate that your company has been included into the directory. We have a member wish to enquire about your company product.

Following is his/her email content. You can contact with him/her by replying these email.
XXXXX Message from the potential customer or supplier XXXXX

If you find the email is not relevant to your company, please ignore or delete it. If you don't wish to received any future company enquiry from, please do forward the email to to with the subject "Remove from"

10) I am looking for the Industry Classification on but it seems like it is not user friendly and complicate. How can I understand more about this categorization?

In order to serve the visitor globally, has adopted the GICS(Global Industry Classification Standard) for the industry classification. It is a well-known and worldwide standard for classifiying business industry.

Source From : You can have a look on the detail explanation for better understanding.

11) I am having problem in while I am using Is there anyone can help me?

If you are facing any problems with such as member registration issue, send enquiry error, please do not hesitate to send an email to We will reply your email within one working day and it is our promise to improve the user experience while using our website.

Besides emailing, you could contact and chat with us instancely via msn, skype and qq. You could find our contact information at the top of out page.

12) If you like, how can you help us to promote this free and useful project?

If you like our idea and hope to help us to promote this website to your friend, you can always click on the "Share with Friends" link at the bottom of our page to send the Invitation to your friend and ask them to join us. You can also click on the following link for direct access

If you have a website/blog/forum/twitter/Dig or etc, you can also add and promote our website link (

13) I am interested to post my company Job Vacancy at Is it Free of Charge?

Yes. It is completely free of charge.

14) How could I start to post Job Vacancy?

You can follow the listed steps:

  1. Register ( as member (FREE)
  2. Check your activation email and activate your member by clicking on the link provided.
  3. Login using your username and password, then you can start to add Job Posting (
  4. Review and update if required.
If you have any problems adding the Job, you can add our msn/skype/QQ or get our instant online support from our website.

15) is a brilliant website, how could I put advertisement on the website?

We are a free to use business portal and we always welcome advertiser to put advertisement. You could check out our package at (

If you are interested and wish to see our traffic report, please contact us at to request a copy for your reference.

16) My company information is listed on AllCompanyOnline but it is outdate. How could I update the company information myself?

We have updated our Business Portal recently and we allow company owner to update their company information by themself. To get started, please follow the steps.

  1. Register ( as member (FREE)
  2. Check your activation email and activate your member by clicking on the link provided.
  3. Login using your username and password, go to the company listing page. Click on the claim company image and follow its instruction.
  4. We will review your application and approve the company claim within a working day.