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 China >>> Materials - Materials
Job Opportunity

Position Level: Manager

Job Duration: Contract

Salary Range: 10000
Job Description

manage the sales team for 3D printer filament.

Company Name
Lifeng Industry Development Co.,Ltd


Lifeng Industry Development Co,.Ltd is founded in 2013.We are a professional 3D printer

filament|material manufacturer. Our office is located in Shenzhen China,our factory is

located in DongGaung China. We have 3 production line and 50 employees. We aim to supply the

High quality and top service for all of customers.We insist to develop the new materials for

3D printing. We have varies Filaments with wide range of colors for 3D printer. We have

the following 3D printing Filament for 3D Printer :

ABS Filament ,PLA Filament,

HIPS Filament, FLEXIBLE Filament,

PVA Filament, PETG Filament,

WOODEN Filament, Nylon Filament,

PC Filament , POM Filament and Metal Filament.

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Contact Person: Jason jian
Telephone: 86075533975736Fax: -
Corporate Email: Contact Me Now
Contact Person Email: Contact Me Now
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