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World News Headlines - Yahoo News  World News Headlines - Yahoo News

Turkey shells Syrian Kurds, Russia says will keep bombing anti-Assad rebels

Obama to Russia's Putin: cease air campaign on moderate Syrian opposition - White House

Civilian casualties in Afghanistan hit record high: U.N.

'Project Panic' rather than love may keep Britain in EU

Israel's Netanyahu defends gas deal in rare Supreme Court visit

Unknown dead fill Lesbos cemetery for refugees drowned at sea

Hamburg hangs on to beat 'Gladbach 3-2 in Bundesliga

Coe meets with Russian athletics chief to discuss doping ban

Sturridge leads Liverpool in rout of Villa

Germany's Friedrich wins 3rd straight 2-man bob world title

Business - Google News  Business - Google News

Make in India - Has Modi Bitten Off More Than He Can Chew? - Modern Readers

Pollution scaring away top recruits for global companies - KSPR

US core retail sales rebound solidly in January - Reuters

Eurozone GDP Grew 0.3% in the Fourth Quarter, Stocks Rally -

Snoop Dogg Introduces Burger King's New “Grilled Dogs” -

Less than a month into filing season, IRS systems breached - OCRegister

Navy considers electric gun for a Zumwalt-class destroyer - Miami Herald

Whole Foods floats tatto parlor idea for its new 365 stores - Herald and News

Dimon Just Spent a Year's Pay on JPMorgan Stock After Bank Rout - Bloomberg

Social Security Q&A: Can You Clear up My Confusion about the New Law? - Forbes

NBC News Business  NBC News Business

This Company Delivers Gas to Your Car on Demand

Making a Toast to Beer Brewed from Leftover Bread

Trucks, SUVs Dominate at Chicago Auto Show

Valentine's Day Romance That Doesn't Break the Bank

An All-Star Slam Dunk: 1B 'Likes' for NBA on Social

An Internet That's 50,000 Times Faster? Sign Me Up!

Report Says Airbnb Fudged Data To Hide Illegal Hosts

Out of Valentine's Ideas? Uber Will Cover Your Butt

Kanye's Video Game is About His Mom in Heaven

U.S. Core Retail Sales Rebound Solidly in January

Economic news -  Economic news -

India's finance minister isn't afraid of robots

Market mayhem: Central banks may be fueling the fire

Markets may be tanking but the U.S. economy isn't

What slowdown? European growth holds steady

How Abraham Lincoln tried to get someone a job

John Paulson: Why I put billions in Puerto Rico

Is India primed for an economic revolution?

Latin America: China's power play right under the U.S.

Janet Yellen: Negative rates possible in U.S.

Oil crashes below $27 a barrel

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