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S&P 500 Snaps Three-Day Decline, Crude Comes Off Highs -

Report: Colorado Pension Fund Liabilities Up 20 Percent - CBS Local

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Move Over 'Man Cave' — Now It's All About the 'She Shed'

Why Your Credit Score May Go Up This July

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Men Can't Pick Who They Sit Beside on Planes, Israeli Court Rules

R.U.D.E. in the U.S.A.: Has Incivility Hit a Crisis Point?

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Getting deported was the best thing that ever happened to me

How the GOP health care bills help the rich

Deep cuts to Medicaid put rural hospitals in the crosshairs

Senate health care bill: Who it hurts, who it helps

There are Trump's claims about jobs. And then there are the numbers

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It's official. Business isn't investing in Britain.

Minimum wage since 1938

How safe are America's biggest banks?

Countries with higher wages than the U.S.

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