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December 2010 Newsletter -
Focus on your business and let us promote it Online


Last month, I have been traveling around for work & holiday. As such, I have been visiting the LCCT airport quite frequently. LCCT airport is Malaysia Biggest Airport for Low Cost Carrier - AirAsia.com. There were a lot of taglines and slogans around but the most eye-catching one was located in the wash room. It was from Airasia GoInsure if I am not mistaken and it sounds something like "You enjoy your trip and let's someone else clear your mess". I do like the idea behind of this slogan.

It is the same apply for business environment. You just want to concentrate on your core business but let others to handle your supporting system or value-added service. I do recall a friend of mine telling me a couple of similar stories and most significant one is from Citibank Credit Card. He claimed that Citibank is focusing on marketing its credit card product and outsourced the backend system to Third Party Company. At first, I was questioning about the feasibility of it but then based on the current success of Citibank Credit Card service, I do think it is a wise and correct decision from its management team.

Most often in today business, we tend to cut down the operation cost and trying to do all work by ourselves. Based on paper calculation, we are able to save a small amount of money but in return, it occupies us a lot of our precious time for research and its implementation. In contrary, if we are able to get a reliable partner to help us and at the same time we focus in our core business, we might achieve greater success in our business. In the business context, we shouldn't be thinking on how to save money, we should be aiming on how to get more opportunity to earn more money.

Nowadays, we have many ways and approaches to promote our product. As we have already spending most of our time in our daily sales and meeting customer face to face, we tend to ignore other method of marketing. Since there are getting more and more people online to look for resources, why not we post our products or company information online in order to be searchable by our potential customer? It just provides another alternative for us to meet more customers virtually.

Do we need to be very good and technically savvy in order to join start the Internet Business? Personally, I do not think so. You only need to have a device which can online and an email account for communication purpose. To make this simpler, you can even join our Business Portal (http://www.allcompanyonline.com) to start posting your company product and profile for FREE. Your product and company information will be visited by at least 3,500 unique visitors per day and with over 100,000 impressions per month. In addition, it will also provide a monthly Summary for FREE.

If that is too simple and you need more, you can opt for our Premium Listing. With a low yearly fee, you are provided with a marketing website to showcase your product and company profile. It gives your potential customer more confident toward your company /organization. To make it greater, we are so confident of our product and even offer our Premium Listing free for first year in line with our "Company Go Online Campaign". No obligation or question asked if you wish to stop the Premium Listing after a year. More detail at: http://www.allcompanyonline.com/news/premium_listing_promotion/

Please come and register yourself at http://www.allcompanyonline.com

If you need any online support, please do send email to info@allcompanyonline.com or you can talk to our online support team with skype id: allcompanyonline or MSN: info@allcompanyonline.com

Thank you and have a nice day.

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