How to Start with Premium Listing

In order to start with Premium Listing, you will need to purchase the credit for Premium Listing First. If you have make a purchase or received our complimentary Premium Listing Credit, please follow the steps to activate and enable your Premium Listing.

  1. Please check your email and locate the Premium Listing Credit Code. The Premium Listing Code normally will be bold for easy identification.

  2. Login to with your pre-registered UserName and Password. Upon login, you will see a link(Premium Listing) on your left hand side. Please click on it and you will see the following screen. Please copy the Premium Listing Code and paste to the highlighted red box stated "Premium Listing Credit Code". Enter the image verification code and submit.

  3. Once the Premium Listing is activated, you will see a company has been created. You can now start to edit its information using the "Edit Company Info" Link. Once you have done the update, you can click on the "Preview" Link for your company listing webpage.

Congratulation, you have successfully activated your premium Listing. If you encounter any problem, please email us at