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July 2012 Newsletter
Step 3: Get more people to know your Garden and market it


After Step 1 & Step 2, you seem to have all it takes. It is time to look at some external factors to further improve your online exposure. It is using the same theory like conventional business; you need to put advertisement on TV, radio or printed material to boost your brand or product. Most of the time, it requires a lot of budget to do marketing for conventional business.

On the Internet or virtual world, you could do it in a more cost effective way. You could either engage a professional consultant or Do-It-Yourself concept. There are a lot of resources available on the Internet to guide you step by step to promote and market your product online.

In this last chapter, we wish to highlight a few options for business owner to market their product online and get to be known.

  1. Social Media: We do use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and etc. in our daily life. Besides getting updates on friends and news, we could also utilize it to interact with our existing and potential customer. Using pages and Facebook ads are very good options to increase your followers and increase your reach to your end user. You can also do it for free and creating a page like http://www.facebook.com/allcompanyonline
  2. Email Marketing: Emailing is a very common and important communication method for all the Internet Users. We do use it daily to interact with each other. Using Email Marketing is a good option; we could purchase a targeted email list or subscribe to a third party service to send on our behalf. It will reach more potential customer. But please bear in mind that do not SPAM in any circumstances.
  3. Newsletter: Newsletter is a regular distributed publication about your company, product or etc., You could do it daily, weekly or even monthly. It is a good way to keep intact with your customers or new customers. Please make sure you do it constantly and not once a while. You need to allow your customer to subscribe or unsubscribe your newsletter as well.
  4. Third Party Advertising: Google AdWords, Pay per Click, Pay Per View, Pay Per Lead, Pay Per pop, Pop Under and etc. is a very common and easy way to advertise your product or company information. You could easily start to do this by creating your account, charging your credit card and select your targeted audience. It is good that you pre-defined your targeted audience and location before you start your advertising campaign. Failure to do so might affect your end result.

If you think this is too complicated and you need someone to guide you personally, please do not hesitate to contact us for further consultation. You could easily reach us at info@allcompanyonline.com.

You can check out all the 3 steps as below.

If you need any online support, please do send email to info@allcompanyonline.com or you can talk to our online support team with skype id: allcompanyonline or MSN: info@allcompanyonline.com or QQ: 1619486260 (Just Added Dec 2010)

Thank you and have a nice day.

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