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May 2012 Newsletter
Step 1: Start planting in the Jungle


Business does require people to get to know its existence. Without its brand and name, people can hardly get to know your product or service offering. Commercial world is like a Jungle, you need to build it up bits by bits. We shall cover more of its steps in the coming release.

There are a couple of common mistakes or misunderstanding by the business owner on the needs of web page.

  1. I am not doing direct end user business and only trading.
    You still need your trading partner to know more about you and find you. If your trading partner could not locate you, then you will not be able to get new business opportunity.

  2. I only serve a geographical area of customer but not global customer.
    Business does expand from time to time, you never know where your customer is located. We do experience once, customer from china buying a goods from Europe but then the seller is from China. All this is due to lack of exposure and information for the customer to locate the product. If the china customer knows it earlier, he would buy locally then.

  3. I don't want to reveal too much of my company information to prevent any competition from competitor.
    Business is always open for competition. No improvement if without competition. You will just out stand your competitor as you are the pioneer of the industry rather than staying low profile.

  4. We don't do online business and don't have online payment.
    It is totally wrong. You could just put your website to explain about your business and contact information. Customer will be able to know more about your business or location before making a purchasing from you.

There are a few ways to start to build your existence in the Jungle (Internet). You could perform the following steps. We start from the most complicated and complex steps to the easier to implement.

  1. Sign up for web hosting package with own domain
    You could sign up a web hosting package with hosting company like Godaddy, HostGator and etc. You will then be given a pre-configured web space to upload your company website. A web designer might be required to help you to design your website in line with your corporate image. This incurred higher cost as you need to maintain & update your website from time to time.

  2. Sign up for free subdomain hosting
    To save the annual web hosting cost, this might be a good alternative. Most of the time, the web page comes with some advertisement to support its operating cost. You could just Google "free web hosting" and get tons of services available for you. Some of the service does provide together the site builder or template to help you to build up your website easily.

  3. Sign up with business directory to post your company information
    Easiest way to implement and it is completely free. You could just get to Yellow Pages, Google Place or even AllCompanyOnline.com to post your company information for free. All the information will then be crawled by major search engine like Google, Bing and etc and indexed accordingly.

It will be a total of 3 steps in getting your web page on the Internet. We shall cover the next 2 steps in our coming released. If you wish to get the update, please feel free to sign up our newsletter at: http://www.allcompanyonline.com or like our Facebook page

Coming Release:

  • Steps 2: Building up your Garden in the Jungle
  • Steps 3: Get more people to know your Garden and market it

If you need any online support, please do send email to info@allcompanyonline.com or you can talk to our online support team with skype id: allcompanyonline or MSN: info@allcompanyonline.com or QQ: 1619486260 (Just Added Dec 2010)

Thank you and have a nice day.

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