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Getting to know online business insight

by, 2013, November 18th


What is business insight?

According to Vriens and Verhulst, a business insight is: A thought, fact, combination of facts, data and/or analysis of data that induces meaning and furthers understanding of a situation or issue that has the potential of benefiting the business or re-directing the thinking about that situation or issue which then in turn has the potential of benefiting the business.

Embedded in this definition is the assumption of two different types of insights.
1. Insights that support a specific decision or provide additional understanding of a specific situation or issue and will directly benefit the business.
2. Insights that enhance market understanding or strategy definition without directly impacting a specific decision.

Business insights of type #1 should be derived using a deductive method. You begin with a specific issue or question; find a model or framework (aka, theory) that addresses the question; determine the possible answers (aka, hypotheses); use data to find the “right” answers; and develop a recommended solution to the original question.

The second type of insight is the result of an inductive, exploratory research process. This process usually begins with Inductive research model a fuzzy question, or an issue that doesn’t have well-developed theories or frameworks. The goal is to learn something new or provide better definition of an issue by observing specific instances or data; looking for patterns; developing hypotheses based on those patterns; and looping back through the process until you can develop meaningful, supportable conclusions.


Online Business Insight

Technology is key to business insight – technology that can leverage the full value of your business transactions and all the data you have about customers and other essential aspects in the organization, wherever it resides internally or on the Internet. Whether a customer contacts the company to make a purchase, solve a problem or get some information, our recent benchmark research shows that the majority of interactions still occur by telephone to call centers, although contacts via new channels such as the Web are increasing. Whatever the channel, though, that customer must come away satisfied, which means that either the customer service agent’s actions or the automated response process must be driven by the company’s accrued intelligence about that customer. And the details of that interaction must immediately become part of the company’s store of customer data, available on demand for analysis to shape future interactions, to inform how to deliver the optimal customer experience and to drive effective marketing decisions as well as projections and planning.

The tools and systems that enable all of this are rapidly growing in sophistication. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems, which heretofore have largely concerned sales opportunities, are evolving intocustomer experience management systems. Both they and supply chain management tools are gaining geographic awareness, which adds another dimension of detail and another approach to analysis. Using data governance and master data management approaches, companies are seeking out the data resident in these and other systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) in all the discrete silos in which it lives and are cleaning it, screening it for quality and integrating it. To the newly integrated data store they are applying BI and analytic tools to yield a single integrated view of the customer, regardless of where and in how many different ways he or she touches the company.


AllCompanyOnline Business Insight

Currently we are offering free business insight for all our listed company. No matter if you own a website or not, you still could submit your company profile for us in order to collect the business insight for free. We wish to make this information available for public to help businesses to improve better. We hope everyone does benefit from there.

Once you have submitted your company profile and listed on our business portal, we will then collect all the related referer and published it for your research. As such, you could understand what is the search key perform the best and at when does the customer searching for my company information. It will really helps when you need to outline or plan for your marketing strategy and targeted market.

Besides of knowing your own business statistic, you also could get to know how your competitor performs. Sometimes our online search marketing campaign just can't work, we could learn from our competitor and focus on other search key rather. We provides all this information for free and please utilize it correctly and improve together.

Get start to provide us your company profile. We help you to track and provide useful business insight for your business for FREE. Together we grow as a big family.


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