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October 2011 Newsletter
Useful tips to let your company / product searchable online


AllCompanyOnline.com has been working very hard to help business owner / product to get more online exposure to increase their revenue. Our ultimate goal is to enable your potential customer to locate your company and buying services or products from you directly. As such, we could like to share a few tips and methods which are really useful for business owner.

Nowadays, we are getting more and more option to promote our business information. One of the easiest ways is via social media particularly from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and etc. It is a free platform where everyone could utilize to increase their brand awareness or product exposure. We need very little effort to achieve the purpose. We do see a lot of business owner just selling their product via Facebook only and earn a very significant amount every month. In addition, you can get positive and negative feedback from your end user to improve your product quality when you get closer with your end user. Just go ahead to try it out and create your own page to promote your company. You could check it out our Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/allcompanyonline.com

Getting yourself a blog, you can use free blogger services available online such as Blogger Service, Wordpress Service and etc. One very important advice is to update your blog frequently or at least once a month to give your customer a good impression that you still are in the business with updated information. Creating a blog but never performing update will eventually giving negative impact to your business image. If you wish to do it, you need to do it in a right way and consistently.

Register your own business website. Some business owner need to have their own corporate image, thus they will have their own business website. It is very crucial to put your all products information and company information in systematic and organize way so that your visitor can understand better about your product and search engine will be easier to index your website. A sitemap is good for your visitor and search engine to crawl your website. It is always good to engage a third party service if you are not familiar on that.

Once you have your information on social media, blogger, business website, you will need to submit your content to search engine. Without performing this step, it is like a business operates without putting advertisement and it is the most important steps. There is a lot of submission website but this will be the 3 main one, Bing, Google, YAHOO. For all the other, you can search it on Google for more resources.

Starting October 2011, we will be running a campaign on Facebook to get your business featured in AllCompanyOnline.com Business Portal for one month for Free. With just a Facebook account or email address, you will stand a chance to win for this great featured listing. Your company & product will get to be viewed by 130,000* unique visitors with 200,000 page views per month. Check out more information at here.

Start and Register yourself at http://www.allcompanyonline.com

If you need any online support, please do send email to info@allcompanyonline.com or you can talk to our online support team with skype id: allcompanyonline or MSN: info@allcompanyonline.com or QQ: 1619486260 (Just Added Dec 2010)

Thank you and have a nice day.

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