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September 2009 Newsletter - Launching of ACO API and Reset Hits Counter


As promised in August 2009, we have been working very actively to make sure AllCompanyOnline.com ranked as the most innovation business portal ever. We have been able to mark our next milestones by implementing our AllCompanyOnline API (ACO API) at http://api.allcompanyonline.com

What is ACO API? Since AllCompanyOnline is aiming to list all company information online, we have a centralized database of hundred over thousand records and it is keep on increasing as we have our crawling bot working. As these large amount of records should be made available to the public for proper use, we have become the FIRST ever directory/business portal around the world to provide the Application Platform Interface(API) to search for the company information for business purpose.

What is our strong point? When people start talking about SAAS(Software As a Service), AllCompanyOnline.com is now moving to CAAS(Content As a service). And yet, it will a complete free platform for all of us to fully utilize it to enrich our website content.

The newly lauched AllCompanyOnline API(ACO API) is adopting the concept of CAAS. Information is knowledge, information is important. So we are open up our content to all the software developer. It is totally adopting the Open Source Idea.

Even ACO API is adopting new concept, it doesn't neccessary need to be build on the new platform and takes time to understanding the approach and data structure. We are using a new concept and implement using our common data communication method using XML.

Apart of launching our ACO API, we would like to informed all our members/companies that the hits access counter for all the companys will be reset in September 2009. All thecompany listing even the newly jointed company stands a chance to get listed on the Top 50 most popular company which the Top 5 will be listed on our main index page. It will be able to receive more exposure and "clicks" by our visitor. If you want to stand a chance to get listed in Top 5, please start to locate your direct link for your company and start promoting it by putting in your blog, website or even your email signature.


  1. We are working on the API fine tuning after the launching. And we are looking to start an Widget/Tools for blog integration so that could search for company information directly.
  2. As I wish to expand the allcompanyonline, I am actively looking for partner and funding to our project. Please do contact us if you like to work with us.
  3. We are planning to add a premium listing in the future. Perhaps begining of next year. It will be charging a small amount of money which will include some web hosting and more features.
  4. We have obtained our Google Wave beta account, we will be looking into that for the coming few months and study about the feasibility for implementation.

Lastly, we hope you can continue give your support to us. Please come and visit us at http://www.allcompanyonline.com. 800,000 over companies have joined us, do you still want to wait? Time and tides waits for no one.

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