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The use of ICT/Web/Email for Small Medium Business(SMB)


Despite the effort by the Government as well as Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) in promoting the use of ICT in Malaysia, the penetration rate of Malaysia Businesses using the ICT/Web/Email is not encouraging and efficient enough.

As being one of the cheapest resources for putting your company information online and getting vast exposure of Internet User, business owner tends to ignore the importance of it. Even though we do see company setting up their business online, with their own website and email addresses, a lot of the time this website is not updated from time to time. It is the same as goes to their email account. No doubt they have a general or support email address for their business, a lot of the time the email address has been swarm with spam and unsolicited email. Potential customer will not be able to contact them via email because the email account is full, email is not checked from time to time and etc.

Why the Malaysia Business has not been using the ICT to help and improve their efficiency in Businesses? Based on our experience and research, it is due to the following:

  1. Lack of expertise and technical knowledge
  2. Web, Email, Information are available online, but to some people, it is not as easy and user friendly as what they think. Even the domain name registration and web hosting packages is easily available in the market, but it is not as user friendly for busines to venture into a simple online business. There are a lot of free web tools available online to be used on our business process in order to increase the efficiency and productivity of our routine job but it requires a great amount of knowledge and skill to get it implemented into our scenario.

  3. Short sighted for its effect/importance

    In order to build a successful online business using Internet is not an easy task. It takes times and effort. It is very common that your website/webpage might takes 1 or 2 years in order to get enough exposure online. Some partnership and link exchange need to be done. Advertisement at other related website is required to maximize the exposure and acceptance of the web user.

  4. Complicated update

    In order to make sure you can attract your visitor or customer, the content must be updated from time to time. If it is very hard and complicated to update the website content, it will discourage the people from doing so. To update the content of a website might be very ridiculous and difficult for an ordinary staff without any HTML knowledge or basic understanding about web design. Something should be invented to promote the Do-It-Youself(DIY) concept of it.

  5. High Cost

    Nowadays, the Web Hosting/Email Hosting cost is very low. It is unlike 5 to 10 years ago when the cost is so high. Although it is low, some service provider has bundled together web design and maintenance cost which most of the time is very expensive. As a result, it hinders people from using ICT. Apart from that, some service provider now tends to include more packages like Search-Engine-Optimization(SEO) package, Advertisement credit and etc into the normal web hosting service which might cost a few thousand ringgit.

  6. Not adapt to change for using latest technology like email, web.

    Due to our normal operation, we might not be using any computers, instant messages, or email, it has caused the staff could not accept the use of email/ict into its daily operation. Email Address has been created and customer sending email for enquiry, if the staff resist of using it, it will just be another lost to the company.

In line with our effort in promoting the use of ICT in businesses, we have offered something which is very simple for the customer. It will be able to help you to resolve most of the shortcoming of using ICT to help business online.

To save cost, you could post your company information to our FREE company listing and thus included in our AllCompanyOnline.com Business Directory.

If you wish to have more control and personalize company listing, you could opt for our Premium Listing which we have just launched to the public. It is offered at a very low cost from USD 100 per year.

Using our Premium Listing, it will provide you most of the requirement you needs. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which has been discussed very actively nowadays has been included to our Premium Listing without any configuration required. Updating of the content is as easy as updating text information and it will update real time. If you are bored with one particular website design, you still have a variety design to choose from and it give your customer a new impression to your company. Since all the update can be done form one control panel, it has eliminated the excuse of too complicated.

If you have a budget and wish to use more ICT to improve your business process and company presentation, please feel free to contact our profession team for consultation. We do help customer to use open source tools as well as paid enterprise tools salesforce system in its integration. We are the One-Stop ICT Solution for Business.

To get started, just logon to http://www.allcompanyonline.com.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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