Premium Listing Package

Premium Listing Package is another offering from It aims to provide greater control for the business owner to create its company website without any hassle. In addition, will help the business owner to market/submit its website to all major search engine and bundled together with a lot more value added services. In spite of this great offering, it only charge a minimum fee for the Premium Listing service.

Premium Listing is divided into Basic Premium Listing and Full Premium Listing. Please refer to the following table for its features and pricing.


Basic Premium Listing

Full Premium Listing

 Available / Implemented
 1) Upload of Products10200
 2) Upload of Welcome TextYESYES
 3) Upload of About TextYESYES
 4) Display Contact UsYESYES
 5) Free Mass Emailing to 2,000 customer (complimentary one time for registration/renewal)NOYES
 6) Product Enquiry PageYESYES
 7) Product Listing PageYESYES
 8) Listing on First Page of AllCompanyOnline.comNOYES
 9) Listing on Member DirectoryYESYES
 10) Free to include in DirectoryYESYES
 11) Website Template for selection2 DesignsAll Designs
 12) FREE SEO Submission to major search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN)Company InformationCompany Information and Product Information.
 13) Webpage Traffic/BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimited
 14) Premium Web URLShort URLShort URL
 15) Technical & Sales Support-Email/Skype
-Within one working day
-Within one working day
 Coming Soon
 1) Page View CounterYESYES
 2) Priority Listing on Search PageYESYES
 3) Define your search key or tag a search wordNOYES
 1) Subscribtion Fee (For First Year)RM 200 (USD 100)
FREE (Company Go Online Campaign)
RM 400 (USD 200)
 2) Subscribtion Fee (For Second Year)RM 160 (USD 80)RM 320 (USD 170)
 3) Subscribtion Fee (For Third Year onwards)RM 120 (USD 60)RM 240 (USD 150)
 1) Enquire NowEnquire for Basic ListingEnquire for Full Listing


  1. Premium Listing is open for company around the world.
  2. Payment method is using credit card via Paypal Service
  3. The purchasing process is currently semi automated, we will takes 1 - 2 working days to send you the Full Premium Listing Code once the payment is confirmed. Please do send us an email using your paypal address so that we could follow up with you.
  4. If you wish to get help for Premium Listing, please do contact us at

Disclaimer: *Terms & Conditions applied.