Marketing How-To: Tele Marketing

Telemarketing/TeleSales is a method of direct marketing in which a salesperson solicits to prospective customers to buy products or services, either over the phone or through a subsequent face to face or Web conferencing appointment scheduled during the call.

In, we are promoting the Business-to-busines as well as business-to-consumer Telemarketing. Its activities can be divided into the following subcategories:
a) Lead Generation, the gathering of information
b) Sales, using persuasion to sell a product or service
c) Outbound, proactive marketing in which prospective and preexisting customers are contacted directly
d) Inbound, reactive reception of incoming orders and requests for information. Demand is generally created by advertising, publicity, or the efforts of outside salespeople.

Telemarketing may be done from a company office, from a call centre, or from home. An effective telemarketing process often involves two or more calls. The first call (or series of calls) determines the customer's needs. The final call (or series of calls) motivates the customer to make a purchase.

Prospective customers are identified by various means, including past purchase history, previous requests for information, credit limit, competition entry forms, and application forms. Names may also be purchased from another company's consumer database or obtained from a telephone directory or another public list. The qualification process is intended to determine which customers are most likely to purchase the product or service.

Charitable organizations, alumni associations, and political parties often use telemarketing to solicit donations. Marketing research companies use telemarketing techniques to survey the prospective or past customers of a client's business in order to assess market acceptance of or satisfaction with a particular product, service, brand, or company. Public opinion polls are conducted in a similar manner.

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