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Trade Opportunity

Trade Type: Sell Product (Wish to Sell)
Product Name [GD]500 vending machine multi coin acceptor validator(5 coin acceptance
Product Description
 5 coin acceptance,handle different countrys coins, pulse output signal,12v input,  
Apply to: vending machine.wash machine.shoe cleaning machine.TV.Massage chair.petrol filling station .automatic battery recharge.PC.etc. 
Elite model.anti-false coin.anti-string,anti-jam, large coin,thick coin,small coin.stable performance,accurately recognize.smoothly deposit)
option:RS232,USB saving type with UPS,or 24v input,                                            
 .Coin diameter: 18mm -29mm  
.Coin thickness: 1.2mm -3mm  
.Work voltage: DC12V (more or less 20percent) 
 .Current in 50ma  .Pulse signal: fast-25ms.medium-45ms and slow-65ms 
 .Size per unit: W 14 x D6.5 x H13(mm) 
 .Net weight: 600grams/each  
 .Packing: 30 pcs/case  
 .Per case: 16.6 kgs   
.Size per case: W435 x D350 x H270(mm)                         
  Step 1: operate with the game machine's standard mode Normal Open  
Step 2: switch to the correct speed(pulse) of coin machine: FAST 25ms.MEDIUM 45ms and SLOW 65ms
 Step 3: Connecting the +12V DC and Ground wiring for the coin Acceptor.
Step 4: Arrange the token sample that you want the Coin acceptor to accept 
Step 5: Set the switch from "Start" to "Set" position.the LED light will show "00".press the switch which for adjusting the coin's adjust the coin value when the coin programming."00-99" means how many times of the out ,pulse signal will be sent when the programmed coin was deposited.return the switch from "Set" to "Start".it is finished 
Step 6: Set the switch from "NOM" to "MGN" position.then turn the switch from "Start" to "Set" position.the LED show default "P1"."P1-P9" means a output signal needs how many programmed coins to be deposited like "P1.P2.P3…P9" 
Step 7: Prepare the needed sample coins.
Step 8: Insert 10pcs coins in turn to set the coin (time interval 0.3 seconds) 
Step 9: Turn the coin set switch to "Start" and finished the setting.
Product Image URL: Click to enlarge
Quzhou Gangchen Machinery and Eelectronic Products Manufacture Co.,Ltd. Are private high-tech enterprise on manufacturer: coin acceptor mechanism selector, coin validators slot, coin motor hopper, coin meter counter sorter, Apply to Vending machine, Water dispenser, kiddie rides machines, shoe cleaning machine, Massage chair , touch screen machine, arcade crane machine, or  jukebox coinbox cyber cafe, coin operated machine, automatic battery recharge, Scale weigh, wash machine , entertainment machine, and likes. 
GONGDU is a old and famous brand in China, share over 60% China market. We have branch company &distributors in Major China cities and have exported products to Europe, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Africa etc..
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Contact Person: coin acceptor
Mobile: 13616707412
Address: no.125 jianxin road,quzhou,zhejiang,china, 324000, zhejiang, quzhou
Telephone: 865703853888Fax: 865703853888
Corporate Email: Contact Me Now
Contact Person Email: Contact Me Now

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