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Product Description SODIUM METASILICATE PENTAHYDRATE also named Pentahydrate Sodium Metasilicate. MOLECULAR FORMULA: Na2SiO35H2O USAGE: sodium metasilicate pentahydrate was mainly used in making high efficiency detergent, metal cleaner, pottery grinding aid, fire retarding agent, water retention agent, degreasing agent, textile agent and paper deinking agent. BRIF INTRODUCTION: QDSS is one of main drafter of indrustry standard for sodium metasilicate. Our sodium metasilciate anhydrous was approved as FAMOUS BRAND OF QINGDAO. The equipment, production line and technology were first independently designed by QDSS in the same industry. QDSS also is the earlier manufacturer of sodium metasilicate pentahydrate and nonahydrate. QDSS also won much of reputation form mainland (China) and other foreign countries from 2001.
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 QINGDAO DONGYUE SODIUM SILICATE CO., LTD. (QDSS in short hereinafter) was established in1943, it is the largest, most various, most historic specialized company for dissoluble silicates, it is also the only enterprise who is operated by state.   QDSS is the first one who passed ISO9001-2008 & ISO14001-2004 in the same industry. The technology center has the same grade of Qingdao city and has perfict ablity of innovation and investigation. Many studies item hold by QDSS,15 of which was nominated the important study term in Qingdao, one item was registered as country grade design plan for new production. QDSS becames a pilotage for advanced technology for the same industry.   The brand "DONGYUE"was named the famous brand in Shangdong provence and whose sodium silicate, sodium metasilicate was recognised as the famous production in Qingdao.Sodium silicate won the repution of superior production issued by chemical department of China.   QDSS was the first one who started the export process in China. The productions are exporting to more than 20 countries including USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Indonesia etc
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