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Trade Opportunity

Trade Type: Sell Product (Wish to Sell)
Product Name Factory for steel billet, steel bar heating medi
Product Description The performance characteristics of medium frequency induction heating furnace Medium frequency heating power supply without preheating before starting work, can work continuously. 2. Can satisfy the need of circular steel heating heating, drill rod end temperature requirements; 3. Can adjust the power can shorten or extend through heating time; 4. Equipment with manual, automatic heating function; 5. External pedal switch equipment, through the heating power and foot switch control, stop, began after heating, tread down switch pedal to set the time automatically stop;, 6. The heating power, heating time is adjustable; 7. In the process of heating heating instructions; 8. The equipment has over voltage, over current, lack of phase, water temperature, water pressure alarm protection and indicator; 9. Equipment have over-current reset, timing reset function; 10. Cooling water system using hydraulic pressure between 0.1 to 0.3 Mpa;
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  Zhengzhou Ouna Machinery Co., Ltd. is a production and sales of induction heating equipment, multi-functional metal crusher, shredders, small melting furnace, mining electric vehicles, oil press equipment and other small machinery and equipment manufacturers. Ouna machinery always uphold integrity management, collaboration, truth-seeking, innovative business philosophy, during management, according to the mechanical parts processing industry product diversity, our machinery continue to improve, adjust and improve the production management system, in order to meet customer Product reliability requirements. Our company machinery have energy saving, innovative and efficient, easy to use, stable performance and other characteristics, mainly exports to Vietnam, Indonesia, middle East and other countries and regions, high quality and reliable products and good after-sales service by domestic and foreign customers praise.
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Contact Person: gina
Address: Section 2,Jingbei Road,Zhengzhou free trade zone(economic development area),Henan province,China , 450000, Henan, Zhengzhou
Telephone: 86617772Fax: 86617772
Corporate Email: Contact Me Now
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