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Trade Type: Sell Product (Wish to Sell)
Product Name Polyurea waterproof coating for water park
Product Description Polyurea Waterproof Coating is the third generation polyurea elastomer developed by Qingdao Air++ New Materials Co., Ltd.. The coating is cured quickly and immediately, forming seamless elastic waterproof film of high strength and high elongation, and it is the revolutionary leap of traditional coating technology, which is currently one of the most advanced waterproof construction technology. The coating is widely used in the waterproofing projects of large-scale building structure, chemical infrastructure, water conservancy project, and especially for water conservancy exposed to chemical corrosion. The typical application fields including: All kinds of concrete storage tank and accessory facilities from oil, petrochemical, chemical, and mine. Water conservancy facilities from dam, embankment, reservoir, and channel. Sewage treating pond, water tank, swimming pool, water park. Roof, basement. Stadium stand. Product parameters Item Type Type Solid Contents(%) 99 99 Get Time(s) 20 20 Tack free time(s) 40 40 Tensile strength(MPa) 18 23 Elongation at break(%) 375 510 Tear strengthN/mm 66 77 Adhesion (ConcreteMPa) 3.6 4.2 Bending at low temperature -35 -40 Water impermeability(0.4 MPa,2h) impermeability impermeability Heating expansion ratio(%) 1.0 0.4 Water absorption ratio(%) 2.5 2.5 Hardness (Shore A) 85~95 85~95 Abrasion resistance[(750g/750r)/mg] 13 13 Resistance to impact(kg.m) 1.0 1.0 Artificial weathering aging(2000h) Good Good Density(g/cm3) 1.02 1.02 Color It can be adjusted in accordance with users requirement. 1Fast-set.10 seconds gel time, and 10 minutes for walking strength.Fast construction speed, vertical and top section do not sag in the process of continuous spraying. 2Insensitivity.Insensitive to humidity and temperature during construction, and decrease the risks of polyurethane easy-foaming 3No jointing work.Adopting spraying technology, continuous and seamless, smooth surface. 4Excellent corrosion resistance performance.High strength, high elongation, and high tear strength can tolerate erosion from waterseawateracidalkali and salt. 5Environmental protection.No solvent, construction safety, and eco-friendly.
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Qingdao Air++ New Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006.We are a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the application and development of spray polyurea and other environmental functionnal plymer materials. Air++ has been devoted to providing environmental professional solutions for rail transportation, ship manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, anti-corrosion industry, waterproof industry, abrasion-resistance industry. In recent years, Air++ has became a well-known brand in the field of polyurea material and other environmentally functional polymer materials. Air++ means that our air quality is better and better, and our environment gets better and better, this is the profound concise to our business philosophy which is environment protection, science and technology, harmony, and development. In December of 2016, our company was successfully listed in New OTC Market.
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Contact Person: Mengkang
Address: No. 2, Chunhai Road, Chengyang District, Qindao , 266000, Shandong, Qingdao
Telephone: 66023326Fax: 66023326
Corporate Email: Contact Me Now
Contact Person Email: Contact Me Now

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