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Trade Type: Sell Product (Wish to Sell)
Product Name Xianrun Blower Roots Blower Vacuum Pumps
Product Description Xianrun Blower Roots Blower Vacuum Pumps Features: 1 positive displacement blower, no compression, air conveying is smooth, there is small flow rate changes along with pressure changes. 2 tri-lobe linear-shaped impeller making inlet and outlet pulsation quiet with low noise and vibration. 3 special impeller of mesh curve and small enclosure making roots blower high efficiency, low energy consumption. 4 small size, light weight and elegant appearance. 5 with high-precision synchronous hard-toothed surface gears ensure long life. 6 much cleaner with no oil 7 with nitrile rubber seal rings 8 Swedn SKF brearings 9 Germany OPTI belts Xianrun Blower Roots Blower Vacuum Pumps Usage: sewage treatment, biogas firing system, printing pool stir, flour, aquaculture, pneumatic conveying, electric power and cement industries etc. Xianrun Blower Roots Blower Vacuum Pumps Accessory: suction silence (with air filter). Discharge silence, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, cock, vibration-isolating base, rubber vibration isolator, expansion joint, check valve, commong basement, first fill of lubricantion oil.
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Xianrun Blower Factory is one of the best manufacturers in China with more than 30 years history. The main products includes types centrifugal fan, axial fan, ID fan, FD fan, backward curved fan, radial fan, high pressure blower, high capacity fan, high temperature centrifugal fan, roots blower and so on. Xianrun Blower products are mainly used in cement, steel, glass, brick production line, dust collecting system, chemical process, industrial boilers, melting furnace, industrial kiln and so on. Xianrun Blower factory covering 100, 000 square meters, having over 300 sets of production equipments, 350 professional technical workers, ans there are advanced air flow testing lab. Xianrun Blower is the senior member of China General Machinery Industrial Association (CGMA), with annual production capacity 18, 000 sets. Our industrial fans and blowers have been exported to France, Japan, Russia, Poland, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and so on.
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Contact Person: Echo
Address: LiMing Edifice,Xinxiang City,Henan Province,China , 453000, Henan, Xinxiang
Telephone: 5037555Fax: 5037555
Corporate Email: Contact Me Now
Contact Person Email: Contact Me Now

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